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Chris Sorrell has worked as a Programmer, 2d Artist, concept/design originator, Producer, and Creative Director. Being able to work across all aspects of development is what Chris enjoys most although programming has always been a central obsession.
Katie Sorrell has worked as a Designer, Lead Designer and Senior Mission Scripter. She’s industrious and adaptable with a broad range of development skills beyond design and scripting including 3D modelling, texturing and writing.
© SpoonSized Entertainment 2012
▪ James Pond - 1, 2 & 3 (Amiga, Genesis)
▪ MediEvil - 1 & 2 (PlayStation)
▪ Primal (PlayStation 2)
SpoonSized Entertainment consists of just two people, although between us we have almost 40 years of game development experience across various disciplines. We are focused on building high quality entertainment software that oozes character, individuality and attention to detail.

We have been responsible for creating or contributing to the following games:

▪ 24: The Game (PlayStation 2)
▪ Turok (PS3/360)
▪ Prototype - 1 & 2 (PS3/360/PC)
James Pond: Underwater Agent © 1990 Millennium Interactive/Vectordean.
James Pond 2: Robocod © 1991 Millennium Interactive/Vectordean.
James Pond 3 © 1993 Millennium Interactive/Vectordean.
MediEvil © 1998 Sony Computer Entertainment Europe.
MediEvil 2 © 2000 Sony Computer Entertainment Europe.
Primal © 2003 Sony Computer Entertainment Europe.
24: The Game. 24 ™ & © 2006 Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation. Published by Sony Computer Entertainment Europe.
Turok © 2008 Touchstone. TUROK ™ & © Classic Media, Inc.
Prototype © 2009 Activision Publishing, Inc.
Prototype 2 © 2012 Activision Publishing, Inc.
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Both MediEvil and Primal are on PSN as part of their Playstation/Playstation2 Classics range